What We Do

Every woman in our chorus loves to sing and we love to harmonize. If you want to experience the joy of four part harmony, come and visit us on Tuesday nights.   We will be taking a break until January 2 , 2018 and we have a special guest night planned for January 9!
Everyone in Route 66 Sound Chorus loves to sing and loves to harmonize.  We rehearse every Tuesday night and the joy of singing in 4 part harmony is evident at every rehearsal, even when we have come sometimes from long days at work.
We perform at our Annual Show, our Holiday Concert and at various venues when invited. Our quartets participate in Singing Valentines in February each year, so check back later for details.
Visit one of our rehearsals and you will learn about vocal production and performance skills from our musical leaders. We annually present a workshop at the Albuquerque Folk Festival too.
Make sure to request a Route 66 quartet when you order your Singing Valetine!